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Goody Spin Pin

Goody Philippines recently contacted me to review one of their latest products, the Spin Pin! The Spin Pin is a revolutionary product that allows you to create the perfect “undone bun” with just two pins! It is also a convenient tool that allows room for creating various types of buns :)

Here is what the package looks like. Each box comes with a pair of Spin Pins, and I got mine in the shade brunette. They also have a blonde version for lighter colored hair :)

There are instructions of how to use the product behind the box, as shown in the photo above. Inside, there’s a card that shows you 3 easy styles you can create using the pins.

This is what the Spin Pins look like, as well as its size compared to my hand :D

Click the photo above or this link to watch their product video! :)

Here are 8 hairstyles I came up with using the Goody Spin Pin:

A regular bun

Side bun with dangling hair

Large side bun

Two vertical buns 

Bun with hair wrapped around it

Pony tail bun

A large tousled bun

Spiral double bun

You can actually create more looks with a little bit of imagination. I’ll be posting a video tutorial on how to use the nifty pins, tutorials on how to create the looks above, and a more in depth review of this product soon.

Special thanks to Patty Lloren for being my model :)


Teaser photo of my shoot with Patty Lloren. Anne Curtis, is that you?

Hair Day

Today I styled for two shoots. The first one was with my friend Tricia at Heima, and the other one was for AMA (an organization in Ateneo). Here are some pictures I got to take :)

This is Ericka Villongco. She hasn’t had her make-up done yet in this photo, and yet she still looks pretty!

I wish I fixed the hair before taking a picture \(;A;)/

This is Krissy Villongco, Ericka’s sister! They’re both musicians who have such lovely voices! You can view their YouTube channel here. Krissy’s make up was done beautifully by Kaycee Lim, whom I got to work with long ago :)

The ever-so-glowing Eunica Lim, who was coincidentally a model for the AMA shoot! The hairstyle I did for her can actually be worn to a formal event. It really suited her!

I apologize for the mug-shot looking photos! :)) The hair actually looks significantly better in person. It was a soft-messy-effortless-formal-updo with lots of volume. Eunica rode with me home so I got to take photos of her hair in the daylight. I didn’t get to take photos of the other girls since the shoot was in a dark room :c

Tomorrow, I have another shoot! It’s going to be a tiring weekend but I like what I’m doing :) Now to find time for homework..