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Like I mentioned in a previous post, I rarely put on a lot of make up. So when I got the chance to attend a wedding reception last Sunday, I had to take a photo! Especially since I was able to apply falsies successfully. The overall look (lime + pink) reminds me of lemonade, hence the title. :)

Fashion 21 Warm Salmon

A lot of my friends know that I’m a sucker when it comes to cheap finds. I practically sales talk them into buying products I think are great in quality and yet light on the pocket. Most of these include make up products, because I take my time going through blog reviews, Youtube videos, and department stores looking for new things to rave about. I guess one of the reasons I’m into such finds is because I rarely wear a lot of make up anyway. I’m good with just concealer on a daily basis, and sometimes eyeliner for some kick.

Recently I’ve decided to start using more products, one of them being Fashion 21’s Aqualicious lipstick in Warm Salmon. It’s a nice coral shade which complements a lot of skin tones because of the versatility of its use. For example, if layered on thick, it produces a rich medium coral shade. 

For days where you just want some color to brighten up your face, you can apply the product lightly across your lips. (Photo above) This also works well for having photographs taken in casual settings.

And if you want a pastel coral shade, you can just layer Warm Salmon on top of a nude lipstick, like in Patty’s photo above! The product is pigmented, goes on smoothly, and doesn’t dry up the lips. The best part is that the lipstick only costs 155php! It’s a small price to pay for a product you can use to achieve different kinds of looks. I believe you can find Fashion21 in most (if not all) department stores here in the Philippines.