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Eunica and I had a few hours to bond during the Christmas break, and it’s no surprise that the time was spent with me doing her hair and make up! I took a couple of photos before she left for a dinner party just so the look wouldn’t go to waste. :) Don’t you love the citrus shades along with the full waves? I especially love the lip color!

Something Different

Different curls with a different look and theme. I’m loving this set despite it not being the original plan I wanted to go for. :)

If you have noticed, my blog is beginning to fill up with Eunica and Patty. I love these girls! Putting make up on them is a dream! They’re like my real life Barbie dolls :) And aside from being super pretty and awesome to work with, they’re also extremely nice people! Expect to see more of them in my blog! Haha! :)

Model: Eunica Lim
HMUA & Photo: Liz de Asis