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Marié Digby


Tricia Gosingtian Marie Digby

Tricia Gosingtian Marie Digby

Tricia Gosingtian Marie Digby

(Photography and styling by Tricia Gosingtian, make-up by Marj Sia, hair by Liz de Asis and Valerie Chua) Dream team! Thanks to my fabulous beauty queen friend Alexis Go (photo below),  I was able to spend a brief afternoon shooting YouTube celebrity-turned-international artist Marié Digby who was so incredibly sweet and nice to talk to and work with. So many photographers could only dream of shooting someone as gorgeous and talented as her. Thank you for the wonderful time, girls!

It was so much fun working with these people! :) Marié is a lovely person!

Longer Hair Tutorial

This tutorial is for girls who want their hair to appear longer. It comes in handy especially when you curl your hair since curling shortens the overall hair length. :)

Part your hair into two equal sections, making sure that the part forms an inverted “V” shape.

In the photo above, you can see a deep inverted “V” shape with its ends starting somewhere below the ears.

Tie the bottom half of the hair into a ponytail. Make sure that it is positioned somewhere along the ends of the “V”, and not further below.

Tie the upper half of the hair into a ponytail as well, covering the “V” shape and positioning the hair just above the lower pony. This is how the hair will look from the side, unconcealed.


Here are before and after photos of how the hair would look like.

This is how a regular ponytail would look like. And..

Voila! This is how your ponytail would look like if you follow the tutorial :) You can also curl and style the hair to conceal the double-pony from the side. It won’t affect the overall hair length since you only need to curl the hair from the upper pony. 

Message me a link/photo of how this tutorial works for you! :)

Photos: Tricia Gosingtian
Hair: Liz de Asis
Model: Valerie Chua